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Who We Are

Founded by specialists in the sphere of educational consulting, “The Students” is assisting students to get quality education abroad. Our experience in working with the best institutions around the world will guarantee decent choice of the program. We recruit students to wide range of the programmes: undergraduate, graduate degrees, language courses, summer camps, high schools. Our main goal is to make education abroad more accessible.

We have been providing our consultancy services for over 8 years and we always stay on top of most recent changes in the educational market. We work hard in order to offer a right option for a student which is why all our clients come back to us year after year with the positive references.

The main role of "The Students" is to bring Students and Colleges / Universities together in a platform for their mutual interests. In order to do so,    "The Students" gathers all the requirements of the Schools/ Colleges / Universities and apply them locally here in Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition to implementation of those requirements, "The Students" provides full complex of services as well as education:

  • - enrollment to institutions
  • - visa support
  • - translation and notary services
  • - purchasing tickets/health insurance etc.
  • - concierge services
  • - exam preparation (IELTS/TOEFL etc.)
  • - assisting in online payments
  • - guardianship/custofianship arrangement
  • - supporting during study

For your reference, please note that "The Students" is in the list of ICEF Trained Agent Councellors -


Along with educational consulting we are training center and conduct business education. We do training on Sales, Project Management, Risk Management.

We are hoping for co-operative partnership!

“The Students” Agency Team